Ahsania Mission

With the motto of Divine and Humanitarian Service and founding aim of ‘social and spiritual development of entire human community’, Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.) founded Dhaka Ahsania Mission about six decades back. Ahsania Mission is the outward manifestation of his vision, ideals and mirrors the inherent beauty of his being. In his own words, “I have set my life’s goal to serve people living far away from the cities. The pleasure that offering of service gives, cannot be found in personal aggrandizement. Boundless love will not come unless the element of ‘self’ is negated. If there is no love for the creation, there cannot be any love for the Creator. The aims of my life are to extend brotherhood, fraternity and spread the message of peace”. By establishing Ahsania Mission in initially in his village at Nalta, Satkhira in 1935 he gave his thoughts and philosophy an institutional shape. Later in 1958, he established Dhaka Ahsania Mission at Dhaka.
DAM provides high quality services towards unity, peace and development of social and spiritual life for the human community in general and for the disadvantaged and suffering humanity, in particular. DAM is unique and distinctive because of its founding divinity values, which combine service to the humanity and service to the Creator under the motto ‘Divine and Humanitarian Service’. It is also distinct because of its identity as an organization delivering diverse need-based education, health and economic development services through both field based and institutional programmes. DAM has a unique way of doing ‘business’ that is shaped by its values and works for unlocking human potential enabling communities and societies to engage in creating a better society.
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